The land of Kachoo

November 2, 2012

In the heart of Africa lies the Land of Kachoo, with vast open plains and deep rivers, too.
Animals roam freely in their wild domain through forests and grasslands and rocky terrain.
Big cats and rhino and Thomson’s gazelle, elephant and zebra – they live here as well.
The sights and the sounds in the Land of Kachoo are uniquely African and will remain with you.
The roar of the lions on a starlit night and the echo of hooves running away in fright.
Or the call of the fish eagle in the African sun are sounds to signal your safari’s begun.
Come and explore this land, if you dare. A wild African adventure awaits you in there!

The first 3 books in the series ‘The land of Kachoo’ will be launced this month!
Watch this space !!!

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